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I am a homeschooling mom and a gameschooling advocate. As an experienced gameschooler, we use LOTS of board games in our learning! Being an Affiliate for SimplyFun and Genius Games means I get to do two things I love - play board games all day, and help parents, homeschoolers, and teachers find games to practice important skills. I also love to help families create special memories of playing and learning together.

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About SimplyFun &

Genius Games

SimplyFun makes award-winning, educational, unique board games for ages 3-adult. Many games can be adapted for different ages, skill levels, and special needs. Genius Games are based on scientific concepts within biology, chemistry, or physics, or they are about a famous scientist or historical event.

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So many fun games -

it can be difficult to ​choose! I can help you ​find the right games!

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Including SimplyFun games in our ​home learning means my children ​regularly practice skills like:

Spatial Reasoning Physics

Sentence Structure Algebra

Spelling Fine Motor Skills

Patterning Elements

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